Best Blackjack for Real Cash in Canada

What do you like more – emotional or material wealth? And what if we say you can gain both at once? Online casinos may only seem risky and unreliable, in fact, everything stands on your choice. And as soon as the site is selected, time to think about pleasant pastime and pick a game. Though portals tend to offer numerous entertainments from slot machines, table games, scratch to cards, the latter alternative is always the top one among the rest. Brutal men love card games and the feeling of the victory.

21 Games Variety for Real Play

Naming simply Blackjack, the only thing you know is that fun and cash are assured. Everything else depends already on the tiny specialties, kinds of the game, features, etc. That is why, before you think you know everything about this adventurous entertainments, you should be sure that there is nothing left behind the screen. Knowledge is your most powerful weapon.

Blackjack Types

There can be various opinions concerning 21 game kinds, and there is no one wrong. It is all about your preferences, likings and personal reasons, cause each type includes enough features to bring money winnings, simplify the gaming and make it all quick. Well, you never know what you will pick until playing each one for a while and comparing them in the end.


Here you are to meet 6 decks to experience. Once having an Ace or 6 point cards, the Dealer hits on soft 17. Besides, the Surrender option is missing in the version and you are allowed to double only in case you have either 9, 10 or 11 in total sum. Having some downsides, there are always advantages and you are to discover them with European Blackjack.

Blackjack Casinos for Real Cash Play

American or Hole Card Blackjack

Let’s see, the things are a bit different here. The payout of this type makes 3:2 odds, and you are allowed to use the Surrender opportunity anytime.

Moreover, whatever card value you have, there is still a chance to double down the hand. Splitting hands are permitted only up to 3 times, to have 4 as a result.


That is interesting. The play is on 6 to 8 decks and there are no 10s to meet. You are to experience the amusement with Jack, Queen and King only. Though the rules are a bit unusual, there is something you can’t ignore. In this kind, the player’s blackjack always beats the Dealer’s one! Now you know the privileges of Spanish pastime.

Amount of Hands

Depending on a type, you are to face various details in the rules. Sure, if we take classic variation of blackjack, you get 2 hands with the possibility to split. Though, if we speak about Multi-Hand Blackjack, the situation changes. To get the accurate directions and understand what chances you have, it is better to pick a certain game first and then get to know its features.

Number of Players

Ask any experienced player and he will tell you that in case you are going to count the cards of your opponents, the less players are involved in the game, the better. Still, you can certainly meet even 6 gamers, sharing the desk with you. Attention and open mind will help you get out rich and happy at that rate.

Live Dealers

Why to experience the game with a machine when there is a live person who is glad to share the pastime with you? As online casinos offer Live Dealer format more, you can easily join the amusements and have fun with 6 more players from other places. That is how you feel real hazard and the emotions become more realistic.

Casino Software Influence or Blackjack Collection

Everything seems like hollow words, cause specifics start with the choice of the gaming provider only. There are so many softwares that provide card games for their users and the variety of Blackjack depends directly on the platform. That is how they stand out and become more popular than the others. All left is to learn the types more detailed and get your perfect 21 game.

Online Blackjack Variety Games


Oh, hold tight, this company is very famous and now you will understand exactly why. Meet the owner of the longest list of blackjack variations, which includes 41 different kinds with their benefits and prizes.

Here you can experience alternatives of Atlantic City, Bonus, Classic, Double Explosure, European, Multi-Hand, Big Five, Spanish, Super Fun 21, Vegas Strip, Vegas Single, Vegas Downtown and other blackjacks.


Another big collection of 21 game belongs to Playtech. Everyone knows the platform as the one with high payout tables provided. The same conditions you are to meet here, cause such entertainments as Blackjack, 21 Duel Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Live Blackjack, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Lucky Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack and Stravaganza can’t leave anyone indifferent.


Yet the software can’t impress you with the quantity of the blackjack options, it still has some impressive variants to show. Joining any casino powered by Net Entertainment, you are bound to hit such amusements as Blackjack Pro, Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack and Pontoon. At least the choice will be easier to make, experiencing all of them won’t be a problem.


Super 21, Pontoon, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Match Play 21, Blackjack, European Blackjack, Face up 21. These are the pride of RTG card games gallery, cause you can notice that there are sorts, which you can’t strike in any other software. Hey, in case one of the titles catches your eye, go and read several reviews that include its rules and specialties.


As online casinos increasingly get powered by multiple platforms at the same time, you can meet several kinds of blackjack created by various companies. Cryptologic, Random Logic, Rival, Slotland and other software provide their own variants of the famous 21 game, based on a range of decks, features and bonuses. Gaming blogs and the portals themselves are bound to present surveys describing the rules of each particular entertainment. That is the thing to learn before playing for real money.